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Tying running sneakers


Running may be associated with sore knees, but a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology says otherwise. Researchers out of Brigham Young University suggest running may reduce inflammation in joints, particularly in your knees, and can delay the development of osteoarthritis.

Researchers measured inflammation markers in knee joint fluid both before and after running. In participants aged 18-35, the concentration of those markers had actually decreased after 30 minutes of running. 

“What we now know is that for young, healthy individuals exercise creates an anti-inflammatory environment that may be beneficial in terms of long-term joint health,” study lead author Robert Hyldahl, BYU assistant professor of exercise science, told BYU News.

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23 03 17

Relieve Pain More Safely With Celecoxib

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For pain relief, there’s one more aid you can now count on. A 10-year study of more than 24,000 patients found celecoxib (sold as Celebrex) is just as safe as other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories when taken as a prescription.

The medication had been called into question for possible heart risks. “Overall, celecoxib is not any riskier than naproxen and ibuprofen,” says study author Elaine Husni, M.D., with the Cleveland Clinic. Plus, the medication also caused a lower rate of ulcers and GI bleeding than ibuprofen or naproxen.

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23 03 17

Chicken Wings In Frying Pan


1. Avocado Oil

It’s relatively high smoke point, flavor, and health benefits make avocado oil a top choice, according to Jenna Werner, R.D. Whether you’re searing meats or fighting a dry scalp, avocado oil is low in saturated fats and high in the monounsaturated fats that protect your heart. $18, avohaus.net

2. Grape-Seed Oil

High in vitamin E, which helps open up blood vessels for better flow, grape-seed oil is a great emulsifier for mayos, but don’t cook with it. It’s made up of mostly polyunsaturated fats, which produce free radicals when heated. $9, napavalleynaturals.com

3. Animal Fat

The only oil with cholesterol, animal fats are still rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K, and the rendered and clarified fats add a depth of flavor that is unmatched by other oils. For crispy potatoes, toss them in beef tallow before roasting. $9, epicbar.com

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4. Flaxseed Oil

An excellent source of chemicals called lignans, which may help prevent cancer. Due to its low smoking point and polyunsaturated fatty acid content, don’t cook with it; use as a dressing. Flaxseed also works as a terrific seasoner for cast-iron skillets. $17, bmausa.com

5. Coconut Oil

A rich source of saturated fat, which increases “good” HDL cholesterol (but also “bad” LDL), it’s made of medium-chain fatty acids that aren’t as harmful as animal fat. Coconut oil is great for sautéing vegetables or as a shaving-cream substitute.$5, traderjoes.com

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23 03 17

How to Tell if You Need Human Growth Hormone

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Hands up if any of the following describes how you feel or look lately: Your energy and vitality have been drooping: you’ve seen an unexplained increase in body fat (“What’s that inner tube doing under my shirt?”); you’ve lost muscle mass and/or strength; you have less endurance than usual; the best way to describe your libido would be “nap time at a nursing home.”

If you raised your hand at least twice, you may have a deficiency in human growth hormone. Nicknamed the “wonder hormone,” human growth hormone — also called GH or HGH — is a peptide hormone that’s produced in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain and plays a crucial role in everything from body height, brain function, and skin health to bone density, fat loss, and muscle growth.

Unfortunately, GH production peaks shortly after puberty, then goes on a steady — and, sometimes, rapid — downhill slide from there.

Are you being shorted (so to speak) in the GH department? Let’s find out.

HGH: What’s the Big Deal?

As its name implies, GH is responsible for cell growth and regeneration. It’s crucial for building muscle mass and bone density, but it also plays a major role in keeping all human tissue healthy, including that of the brain and other vital organs. It can even boost your sex drive.

When secreted, GH stays active in the bloodstream for mere minutes — just long enough for the liver to convert it into growth factors, the most crucial of which is insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. The main driver of tissue growth, IGF-1 synthesizes amino acids and metabolizes fat and protein, which build muscle and burn fat.

In short, if you’re not hacking it performance-wise, GH could be the culprit.

Get an HGH Heads Up

Clinical tests are needed to confirm a GH deficiency, but our short quiz [TK URL] can give you an idea of your levels right now. If you find they’re low, there are various lines of attack you can take:

For one, work on improving your sleep quality — it’s then that your body secretes the highest amount of growth hormone. 

After that comes exercise. A review of studies published in the journal Sports Medicine found that HIIT and resistance training stimulate GH production.

Give Yourself a Kick in the Abs

Whether you’re hoping HGH will help you muscle up, slim down, sleep sounder, or get it on better, an efficient way to raise GH levels is with a supplement like Growth Factor-9.

Made by Novex Biotech, Growth Factor-9 is the only growth hormone supplement clinically tested to increase serum GH up to 682% in two hours. This complex GH antecedent contains a patented ratio of growth-hormone-stimulating ingredients extensively vetted by researchers at a top US university. What’s more, it’s backed by four clinical trials and 13 U.S. patents.

What makes it so effective? A highly specialized ratio of critical GH-building ingredients. See, the only way to directly add more GH to our body is by injection, which is illegal in the US without a doctor’s oversight and costs thousands of dollars. It’s often abused in this way by athletes trying to gain an edge or celebrities trying to stave off the horrors of aging.

But you can naturally up your GH by supplementing with certain precursors that stimulate secretion of the hormone — they include amino acids like glutamine, lysine, and ornithine. But the timing of taking these aminos, along with the amounts, is crucial and hard to follow faithfully. Growth Factor-9, however, eliminates all of the guesswork. Packed with a proprietary combo with potent precursors, the formulation is easy to use and effective.

Take Growth Factor-9 before bed on an empty stomach. Combined with regular workouts, it can help turn your body into a GH-making machine. You may just find yourself looking and feeling younger, stronger, and more energized.

Growth Factor-9 is available at your local VitaminShoppe or GNC, or buy online at growthfactor9.com.


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23 03 17

MMA Female Athletes Sparring In The Octagon


Find your fitness motivation starting to wane? Consider signing up for a workout that pits you against your peers. Research published in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports found subjects who took part in competitive workouts went to 90% more classes than those whose workouts were more individually oriented. Try kickboxing, basketball, or even running a 5K.

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